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About EduVation
EduVation is an educational organization that cares about the education ecosystem in Egypt and the MENA region since 2015 by using different methods. Mainly we’re currently focusing on three main fields: Education Technology, Software Development, Society development projects. We aim to make changes in the educational sector through advanced technologies and Creative Minds.

EduVation Vision
Creating a suitable environment for learning and applying new technologies and educational methods. Witnessing emerged innovative ideas being implemented and realized on the ground make a change in education and society.
EduVation Mission
Improving education using technology through; Education Innovation Summit,
Meet-ups, Software Development, Training, Development projects, and Educational Tools.
EduVation Values
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
EduVation Events
We understand our audience and seek to fulfill our client’s need. Our attendees are coming from different governorates all over Egypt and the MENA region. Our audience differs between educators, learners, researchers, entrepreneurs, public and private sectors, governmental foundations, decision makers, policymakers, other countries’ representatives and even more. So far, we have more than 6,800 attendees and 6,127 educational organizations and startups that are Ed-tech providers.
EduVation Summit is the biggest educational summit in the MENA region, organized by EduVation team to gather the educational stakeholders from all over Egypt and the MENA region. To create networking and matchmaking opportunities between the educators, students, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers.

EduVation Summit 2016 @The Greek Campus

Head of Summit: Education innovation summit 2016
Date: April 1st & 2nd, 2016
Venue: The Greek Campus, AUC, Tahrir Square
Summit Activities:
+30 Talks.
+40 Workshops.
+45 exhibitors.
5 Panel Discussions.
Kids Area.
Number of attendees:
+1,500 individuals.
Key Partners:
  • Mansour Foundation for Society Development.
  • Assiut University.
  • ITI.
  • AUC.
  • Intel.
  • Cisco.
  • Microsoft.
  • NTL.
  • Shamsia.
  • Sponsors:
  • ITTU.
  • Bedaya.
  • El Leham Association.
  • North Africa.
  • Heliopolis University.
  • Eslesca University.
  • Jobzella.
  • Redbull.
  • Egypt Foods.

EduVation Summit 2016 @Suez Canal Region

Head of Summit: Education Innovation Summit at Canal.
Date: October 22nd, 2016
Venue: Integrated Vocational Information Technology School for boys.
Summit Activities:
8 Talks.
Presentations to most important startups in Canal area (NASA – Volta).
Performance about education.
Number of attendees: +500 individuals.
Key Partners:
  • World Bank Group.
  • Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.
  • Suez Canal University.
  • Portsaid University.
  • ITTU.
  • Al Leham Association.
  • GBG Ismailia.
  • Bolivard Space, Mokaab Space, Shamsia Space, Agaza Space.
  • Sponsors:
  • Fadalia.
  • GBG Ismailia.
  • Egypt Foods.
  • E-planet.
  • IT-Smart.
  • Baseera.
  • GPA.
  • Maker Express.

EduVation Summit 2017 @Nile University

Head of Summit: Education Innovation Summit 2017
Date: October 7th, 2017
Venue: Nile University, El Shaikh Zayed
Summit Activities:
+ 20 Talks.
+ 20 Workshops.
+ 35 Exhibitors.
4 Panel Discussions.
3 Entertainment Performances.
Number of attendees: + 2,000 individuals.
Key Partners:
  • ITI.
  • Microsoft.
  • Wonder Learn.
  • Professional Academy for Teachers.
  • Sponsors:
  • Nile University.
  • Shell.
  • IBM.
  • Taqweem.
  • IT Smart.
  • Academy of Scientific Research & Technology.
  • Future Gate.
  • Innovators.
  • Al Moasser.
  • Selah Al Telmeez.
  • Al-Emtehan.
  • Redbull.
  • Careem.
  • Uber

Smart Learn (Powered By Classera)

Head of the event: Smart Learn event in collaboration between Classera and EduVation.
Date: June 9th, 2018
Venue: Intercontinental city stars
Panel discussion “The future of the smart education in Egypt and MENA region”.
Strategic partnerships
The vision of Classera
Number of attendees: +60 School Managers and IT Managers
Key partner:
  • Classera
  • Intel
  • Microsoft

EduVation Summit 2018 @Ain Shams University

Head of the event: Education innovation summit 2018
Date: November 17th, 18th, 2018
Venue: Dar El-diafa, Ain Shams University
+70 Speakers
+40 Media Partner
+6 International Development Organizations
+70 Exhibitors
4 Panel Discussion
+15 Community Partner
+8 Matchmaking
1 Social Dialogue
Number of attendees: +2500 Attendees
  • Key partner:
  • TVET
  • CIT (Chamber of information technology and telecommunication)
  • Ebda3
  • DBSE
  • Pay Me
  • Teachers Hub
  • ICareer
  • EL Rehla
  • Zorex
  • IBM
  • El-Araby
  • RWAQ
  • TME Education
  • Schneider Electric
  • CISCO Networking Academy
  • Fekretak Sherketak
  • GB Academy
  • Ghabbour Foundation
  • Modern Arab CO.
  • AlEmtehan
  • El-Moasser
  • Selah ElTelmeez
  • Classera
  • ITWORX Education
  • Teachers Kit
  • IT Smart
  • BEDO
  • Bokra
  • Montessori Egyptian Center
  • Nagwa
  • ITS (International Technology Solution)



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