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EduVation Summit


Today’s education system, based on direct instruction, is widely influenced by the needs of the First and Second Industrial Revolution, when the mass production of uniform talent was used to fill repetitive, process-oriented early manufacturing jobs. With the new millennium, teachers and students started to use technology in basic manners. (Education 2.0) As the user-generated internet started to spread, students had their own access to information and to virtual learning, and education was no longer exclusively centered on a back-and-forth between students and teachers. Education took a more networked approach, where students' independence in learning was manifested. (Education 3.0)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution created massive shifts in the skills required to contribute to the economy and the ways in which people work. Future workers will be expected to collaborate with peers residing in various parts of the globe, understand cultural nuances, and, in many cases, use digital tools to enable these new types of interactions. Yet many education systems in developed and developing economies alike still rely heavily on passive forms of learning focused on direct instruction and memorization, rather than interactive methods that promote the critical and individual thinking needed in today’s innovation-driven economy.

In this edition of EduVation Summit, we are bringing together education stakeholders for a look into the future of education and not only how to prepare for it, but how to lead it.

Summit Topics

Summit Topics

Education vs Learning

Education is an industrial system. It’s mandatory. It teaches compliance. It’s what happens to students. The alternative is learning. Learning happens when students are engaged in the journey. When they are the ones seeking out to learn. Education ends with a degree. Learning never ends. The summit will dive deeper into the difference between education and learning and how to spread a culture of life-long, self-directed learning already from a young age. We will commit to make learning exciting again.

Metaverse and Emerging Education Technologies

There is no doubt that technology is a super enabler in education innovation and that today it plays a massive role in aiding better learning and teaching experiences.  We will explore: The most important emerging technologies in the education field, particularly education in Metaverse, VR/AR in education, personalized AI-driven learning, and e-learning. How to transition towards the adoption of these technologies. How to get students, teachers, and parents to embrace change.

Schools of the Future

Schools have been and still are the main cornerstone of the vast majority of children's education worldwide. It’s where young people spend most of their daytime. It’s where they have the chance to grow and learn, connect and cooperate, follow and lead. Therefore, it’s the single most important place to start a shift in the education system and learning paradigms.

About The Event

EduVation Summit is a place where all education stakeholders get together to inspire, get inspired, network, and collaborate!


Hybrid: Virtual (Metaverse Platform) & In-Person (Dusit Thani Lakeview Hotel, New Cairo)


Friday to Sunday, 29 to 31 July 2022

Why you should join

Why you should join

Learn and Develop

Learn what is the direction the future of education is taking, how you can be ready and how you can help shaping it. Inspire and get inspired. Get hands-on experience and develop your skills, whether you are a teacher, a parent, or an education innovator.

Network and Connect

The summit enjoys the privilege of getting all education stakeholders, from Egypt and abroad, in one place. Connect with fellow teachers, parents, and edtech entrepreneurs! Share your insights and passion with others and virtually shake hands with other education innovators.

Take Action

Knowledge isn’t very useful unless it’s acted upon. Whether you are a school leader, an educator, a parent, an edtech entrepreneur, learn how to take action and join the revolution of the future’s education.