What We Offering?

Education Innovation Summit

An annual summit that gathers many education stakeholders, gives startups -in the field- a chance to promote their ideas and reach customers and investors, and educate teachers, researchers, education students and anyone who’s interested in the recent education technology tools and strategies.

Educational Consultation

If you are a teacher, a researcher or an education student, etc. you can ask us to help you in any career consultation that will be provided to you by our academic experts or referrals.

E-learning Services

• Learning and Content Management Systems (LMS - CMS) for schools and educational organizations
• Education Technology Solutions
• Educational Software Development

EduVation Academy

This new service is created to develop the most important assets in education ecosystem, TEACHERS, and even researchers, education students or others who are interested to learn about education technology.
We provide many courses in the field, such as: Instructional Design (ID), Flipped Classroom Strategy, Infographics, PowerPoint, Smart board, Montessori, E-exams, E-assessment, Google Classrooms, E-books, etc.

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Educational Organisations and Companies




Trusted Customers


Instructors and Mentors

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