is an educational organization

that cares about the education eco system in Egypt and the MENA region since 2015 by using different methods. Mainly we’re currently focusing on three main fields: Education Technology, Software Development, Society development projects. We aim to make changes in the educational sector through advanced technologies and Creative Minds.








Mohamed Reda

CEO & Founder

Aya Shoala

Project Manager

Ziad Mahgoup

Marketing Manager

Dr. Abd El-Aziz El-Saeidy

Academic Consultant

Dr. Mona Farhoud

Academic Consultant

Esraa Shaker

Social Media Specialist

Dr. Mohamed Saleh

Academic Consultant

Wael Mohamed

Business development

Menna Faried

Business development

Sara Abdullatif

Public relations

Nehal Mohamed

Public relations

Reem Ahmed

Public relations


Team members

As EduVation team, we are passionate people who are specialized in different majors like: Business development, PR, HR, Operation, Event Management, Marketing, Designing, Finance and Project Managements. Every day we wake up with passion and the aim to generate new ideas for the sake of a better education system. We start our day by bringing our coffee together in the office to collectively do a small brain storming to get the newest and the most creative ideas that can help improving the education market.

Fact Numbers about


+20000 attendees from different backgrounds participated in our 180 workshops, they attend more than 700 talks, 4 panels discussions, +8 matchmaking, and social dialogue, with the participation of +300 exhibitors, 200 sponsors, +500 community partners, and more than 100 media partners.