What we do offer

EduVation Summit

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Educational Consultation

We help educational institutions (especially K-12 schools) cope with the challenges and exploit opportunities and emerging trends in education. We help school leaders all the way, from developing the most adequate solutions to their challenges to implementing them. Through our network of purpose-driven edtech partners, we connect schools with the most suitable service providers.

EduVation Academy

EduVation Academy is providing training and courses for teachers and education students who will be future teachers, on recent technologies and techniques in education and pedagogy, to be able to educate a leading, creative young generations. This new service is created to develop the most important assets in the education ecosystem. TEACHERS, and even researchers, educate students or others who are interested to learn about education technology. The aim of the organization is to aid the teachers and all the people who are interested in ED-tech qualifying them to teach the upcoming generations with the most advanced and latest Ed-tech program.

Event Management

We take pride in our extensive experience of organizing education-centered events, in-person and virtually. We are excited to help you organize your events focused on education, from A to Z.

Whole school Innovation

We help educational institutions deliver a better, more exciting & fulfilling learning experience, suitable for the needs of the current and future society, through: - simplification enabled by technology (LMS, SMS, digital learning tools, etc.) - Teachers’ training on new learning paradigms (active learning, peer-teaching, game-based learning, project-based learning, soft skills) - Extracurricular non formal learning programs (afternoon/weekend training programs, game-based workshops, hard-skills, etc.) - How to integrate 21st century needed skills into the school curricula. - Network with other school leaders (globally)